• Goals

    The CANadian CARdiovascular Critical CarE Society (CANCARE) is a multidisciplinary group created to improve the quality of care of critical ill cardiovascular patients.

  • Principles

    The Canadian Cardiovascular Critical Care Society (referred to as the “CANCARE”) aims to advance the care of critically-ill cardiovascular patients using multidisciplinary expertise in a cooperative model. In so doing, we aim to merge scientific rigour with clinical relevance, promotion of education, and guideline/consensus development within the constraints of feasibility and available resources.

  • Aims/Objectives

    The aims and objectives of the CANCARE are to:

    1. Provide a forum for improving awareness and education for cardiovascular critical care through:

      a. Scientific and education meetings and symposia
      b. Interactive web-based discussion
      c. Content-oriented website

    2. Promote the generation of research hypotheses for collaboration of basic, translational and clinical research in the area of cardiovascular critical care. This will be achieved by the following means:

      a. Support and ensure research will be held to a high-quality of scientific rigour spanning investigations from molecular biology to population-based clinical epidemiology that is investigator initiated.
      b. Collaborate with existing organizations, but not limited to: Canadian Network of Clinical Trial Internationally (CANNeCTIN), Canadian Critical Care Trials Group (CCCTG), Cardiac Care Network (CCN), Canadian Cardiovascular Society (CCS), Canadian Society of Cardiac Surgeons (CSCS), Canadian Anesthesia Society (CAS).
      c. Improve coordination, sharing of data and avoidance of duplication in research efforts among the membership of the CANCARE and respective collaborators.
      d. Operate with a long-term view of 3-5 years, with an annual research program agreed by the membership.
      e. Make the most efficient use of the combined resources engaged in research type activities of all the key stakeholders
      f. Provide a resource/contact network that will encourage/promote research interests of trainees of the constituents of the CANCARE