Rheumatic heart disease kills and maims those unfortunate to not be able to get simple treatment for strep throat (developing the complications) and devastates individuals and families that are already trying to fight poverty. Cardiac surgery can change an individual’s and family’s life by allowing one to be well enough to be productive and to be able support one’s family. Team Heart, originally from Boston (Harvard Medical School) has been going to Rwanda for the past 9 years to offer life saving cardiac surgery but with a wait list of over 1000 and only 50 patients that can be operated on at present per year due to facility and human resource problems, there are many people who can not get surgery. Team Heart has been given the go ahead and has land set aside to build a full service cardiac hospital where missions can come on a regular basis to perform cardiac surgery; however funds are needed to make this a reality and also to assist teams to be able to go.  Please watch the attached video (http://winnipeg.ctvnews.ca/mobile/video?clipId=877087) and consider donating to the affiliated Canadian organization (Canadian Humanitarian, Dr. Rizwan Manji’s Rheumatic Heart Disease Fund – https://secure.canadianhumanitarian.com/product/donate/)  to help fight rheumatic heart disease in Rwanda. Any donations above $50 will qualify for an official tax receipt. Thank you.

-Rizwan Manji (CANCARE Member)